London: British lawmakers returned to Parliament on Monday and gave moving tributes to their slain colleague Jo Cox, whose shocking killing last week has focused international attention on the country’s pivotal referendum on whether to leave the European Union.

Parliament has been in recess ahead of this week’s national vote on leaving the EU. But in a rare move, members of Parliament were recalled Monday to pay their respects in the House of Commons to the 41-year-old Labour politician, who was fatally shot and stabbed Thursday in Birstall in northern England.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Cox, a former aid worker, had “lit up the lives of all who knew her, and saved the lives of many she never ever met.”

“We express our anger at the sickening and despicable act that killed her as she did her job serving her constituents on the streets of Birstall,” he said.

“But above all in this house, we pay tribute to a loving, determined, passionate and progressive politician who epitomized the best of humanity and who proved so often the power of politics to make our world a better place.”

He called for lawmakers to continue her legacy “by uniting against the hatred that killed her.”

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, called for a kinder, gentler politics in the wake of her killing.

“We have lost one of our own and our society as a whole has lost one of our very best,” he said.

“Jo Cox didn’t just believe in loving her neighbor, she believed in loving her neighbor’s neighbor.”

Roses were placed in the empty seat where Cox usually sat in Parliament.

A memorial service for the first-term politician was scheduled in St. Margaret’s Church, the parish church of the House of Commons.